April 23, 2010

Power in Leadership

How does power play a role in leadership?

Leadership is a power position that requires an individual who knows how to effectively use that power. The balancing act is in using power as a positive aspect in a group and not letting it become a negative. Power in leadership can be used to encourage and empower group members to step up and contribute more than they thought possible to the group. The leader needs to leader out of a position of respect for those they are leading and understand that just as important as leading the group is participating with the group. Leaders who do not themselves get involved in the work will find their power all for nothing because group members will not respect and follow a leader who doesn't contribute to the group. The other aspect of power that can be a negative to a group is a leader who uses their power to further their own agenda and self-interests rather than doing what is in the best interest of the team.

Many people want the position of leader because of the perceived power in the role but those who are truly called to be leaders understand that the power is not in the leader but in the ability to get the group to follow.

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